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Lucky Gordon

Lucky GordonLucky GordonB-24D-20-CO #41-24215 Lucky Gordon, assembly ship of the 445th BG, Tibenham, January 1944. Following its retirement in the 93rd BG, Lucky Gordon was transferred to the 445th BG where it became that group’s first assembly ship. The machine, in its new role, was stripped of armament and painted in contrasting orange and black colours with the exception of the wing and horizontal tail undersurfaces. A large white letter ‘F’, with small navigational lights inside, was applied on both sides of the fuselage. Additional lines of lights were added on the top of the fuselage. The aircraft retained its original nose art on the starboard side of the nose. Note that the serial number was painted in an incorrect style.On several occasions Lucky Gordon led the group beyond the English Channel. In 1944 Lucky Gordon was replaced by an unknown natural metal-finished B-24H, the serial number of which the author has been unable to confirm.