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Shoo Shoo Baby

Shoo Shoo BabyShoo Shoo BabyB-24H-5-CF #41-29208 Shoo Shoo Baby, assembly ship of the 44th BG. Shipdham, April 1944. Originally Shoo Shoo Baby was assigned to the 712th BS / 448th BG where it was marked Triangle/C; it undertook only one mission, on 22nd December 1943. Transferred to the 66th BS / 44th BG, the aircraft performed 19 missions marked as QK●Z+ until March 1944 when it was withdrawn and converted for daybreak assembly missions. Consequently all its turrets were removed, a ‘glasshouse’ on the nose incorporating a Bell power boost unit and a light installation for pre-dawn forming were added. Because Shoo Shoo Baby carried out its missions before morning twilight it retained its original camouflage of Olive Drab / Neutral Grey because in the dark nobody would even notice an extravagant paint scheme. The only changes in the paint of this aircraft were near the converted nose and the faired-over dismantled top turret. Shoo Shoo Baby returned to the USA on 7th March 1945.