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Spotted Ass Ape 2

Spotted Ass Ape 2Spotted Ass Ape 2

In early June 1944 red and yellow polka dots were applied over the rear fuselage sides, the horizontal tail upper surface and the vertical tails inner surfaces of Spotted Ass Ape. It is worth noting that the dots on this aircraft were painted more sparsely than those on First Sergeant. Also of note, but insignificant at first glance, are a few details, for example a lighter shade on the engine cowlings Neutral Grey, ‘Skin Pink’ painted below the rear turret, a white star painted on the nosewheel hub disc, and a white disc with a ‘K’ inside the disc showing through the red paint on the outer vertical tails surfaces.The aircraft was lost during landing on 9th March 1945 when an undercarriage leg collapsed and it crashed.