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The Spotted Cow

The Spotted CowThe Spotted CowB-17F-60-DL #42-3441 The Spotted Cow, assembly aircraft of the 384th BG, Grafton Underwood, summer of 1944. #42-3441 Patches II was an early replacement aircraft for the 547th BS / 348th BG, replacing the original #42-5848 Patches after the aircraft was salvaged on 30th July 1943. Throughout early 1944 Patches II flew in combat missions as SO●E, and was converted into the 384th BG’s assembly aircraft in the summer of that year. The aircraft was given a high-visibility blue polka dot design on all surfaces (except the under surfaces) painted previously in white and immediately after she was given a new look she was nicknamed Spotted Cow. On the vertical tail and the starboard wing upper surface a dark-blue triangle with a white ‘P’ within were applied. The engine cowlings and the propeller hubs were painted the same blue as the polka dots.