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The Striped Ape 2

The Striped Ape 2The Striped Ape 2

B-24H-15-CF #41-29489 The Striped Ape, assembly ship of the 448th BG. Seething, February 1945. From February 1945 the task of visual lead assembly aircraft in the 448th BG was taken by a Fort Worth-built B-24H assigned to the 714th BS. This aircraft took over the duties and nickname of its predecessor. The machine was lightened by deleting all the turrets, and painted diagonal semi-gloss maroon and yellow bands divided by black stripes. Engine cowlings and nacelles as well as the anti-glare panel were painted flat black. The outer surfaces of the vertical tails were painted in deep yellow with a black diagonal stripe, with the aircraft’s call-letter W within the squadron square symbol superimposed on this band. It was common practice in the 448th BG to repeat the aircraft call-letter on the inner surfaces of the vertical fins. Absence of W on the inner surface of the port fin is curious, but most amazing clearly visible is V on the inner surface of starboard fin? The Striped Ape was salvaged in May 1945.