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B-24D-95-CO #42-40743 Zebra, assembly ship of the 492nd BG. North Pickenham, May 1944. Before Zebra was sent to become an assembly aircraft of the 492nd BG on 15th May 1944, it was used by the 567th BS / 389th BG’s crews. Marked as HP●O- (see photo, page 20), the aircraft performed 56 combat missions, including a famous low-level attack on Ploiesti Oil Refinery complex on 1st August 1943. As an assembly aircraft Zebra retained its Olive Drab / Neutral Grey camouflage with only a few modifications, e.g. Neutral Grey was left only on the undersurfaces of the wings and engines. In other places, the bottom of the fuselage, outer wings, and horizontal tails, a new coat of Olive Drab was applied to create contrast and a background for wide white stripes. The outer parts of the white vertical tail had black diagonal stripes. The squadron’s code letters were painted in Insignia Blue. Zebra retained its original scoreboard painted on the cockpit’s armoured plate. No information is available as to whether Zebra was transferred to another group or remained at North Pickenham when the 492nd BG was disbanded on 7th August 1944. The aircraft was salvaged on the 20th March 1945 in England.